Iris Depassé portrait




How to make awesome abstract photo’s

Oh, I wish I would have had this online course at the Academy of Abstract Photography!

When I wanted to specialize in Abstract Photography there was no course or school for that. So I developed myself in different ways. I took part in the Masterclass BredaPhoto, followed several courses at the University of Applied Photography and workshops on macro photography, imagery and landscape photography. I explored theory on abstraction in painting, followed international abstract photographers, read books, articles, saw video’s and tutorials on subsectors of photography and abstraction. But the most important thing is that I just made lots of abstract photo’s and experimented with lots of different techniques. And asked for feedback.

At exhibitions of my own artwork I frequently was asked whether I also gave workshops. In the meanwhile I gathered so much knowledge and  skills that it is a good idea to share it. So I am busy designing a beautiful program in which you will learn everything to be able to make your own abstract photo’s.

Before I started with photography for 15 years I had a school on coaching. In my Academy for Abstract Photography everything is brougt together: photography, developping courses, teaching, making art and building a community.

I am looking for 16 volunteers that are willing to join the testgroup to try out the first version, in exchange for feedback. Do you want to learn how to make awesome abstract pictures, for free? Mail me via the button underneath.